We are an independent game publishing company. We love games and we care about developer needs. With decades of experience and all the necessary resources our goal is simple - we let your games shine. So, let’s go make hits together!

Our Games

Uncertain 2: light at the end Uncertain: light at the end The Uncertain: Light at the End is a story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Humanity disappeared from the face of the Earth and has been replaced by robots. We will see this deserted cyberpunk world through the eyes of one of the rare survivors: the main protagonist, a girl named Emily. Together with her, the player must find out the cause for humanity’s disappearance. Was it a rogue AI, a pandemic or something completely different, far more dreadful?
Coming out: 2020
Biped Biped Biped is a brain-twisting puzzle platformer designed to bond players in moment-to-moment collaboration. While playable solo, Biped’s unique control scheme and intricate puzzles make it a perfect couch co-op experience for all ages.
Upcoming projects
A story-driven physics-based puzzle platformer A kick-ass zombie-apocalyptic side-scrolling shooter A horrific city exploration-survival game

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Being an indie dev isn’t easy right? We know that and that’s why we carefully crafting our team to make sure that we can remove those headaches and let game devs concentrate on the important things - great gameplay, outstanding visuals and so on. With decades of combined experience in game publishing our team is in the breach and got your back covered.

You think you have a great game and you want it to be published? Or you're a PR mastermind, or Community Management prodigy or a skilled Producer? Don't hesitate - reach out - team@metapublishing.io.


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