About US


is a brand-new video game label. We not only publish games but create unique relations between the game and the players. We love games, and we care about developer needs. With decades of experience working on Witcher 3, Divinity: Original Sin, and GTA V, we have all the necessary resources to make your game prominent. Our goal is simple - we let your games shine.



Publishing company with an open-mind and friendliness position about development.We keep fun professional.We are straightforward and simple in approach to developers, partners, and gamers. We are transparent in what we do. We are sharing knowledge with developers, but we also share progress, statistics, plans, and unique ideas.


Being a developer isn’t easy. We know that, and that’s why we carefully craft our team to make sure you focus on the essential things - great gameplay, outstanding visuals, etc. With decades of combined experience in game publishing, our team is in the breach and got your back covered.

Platform Relations

By working in close contact and leveraging the relations with our partners, we can easily distribute your game to the world through all major platforms.

Financial Support

Every project is unique, just like the people behind. This is why we offer custom financial support, with solutions fine-tuned to meet all of your development needs.

Marketing & PR

Thanks to our established network of contacts with leading gaming media outlets and influencers throughout the world, we can make sure your game will be seen by millions!

Industry Expertise

Our veteran team knows the gaming industry inside and out. Let us deal with it all while you focus on what you do best: bringing awesome games to life!

Porting to all platforms

With players scattered through so many platforms, games must be everywhere these days. We can handle all aspects of porting, so you don't have to choose where to publish anymore!

Localization & QA

The perfect video game speaks many languages and can pass even the most rigorous of quality tests. That’s what our localization and QA people do - in a timely manner and at the top-quality level.