Whether you're a first-time developer or an industry veteran, making a video game on your own can be a daunting challenge. This is where META Publishing comes in. We’re not just a publisher; we’re a global networking system spanning the entire gaming industry!

Working in close contact with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Steam, GOG, and other major players in the world of interactive entertainment, we follow our developers and partners every step of the way. Our policy is simple: you make the game of your dreams – we’ll deal with everything else!


  • Custom financing solutions to fit the needs of your game;
  • Step-by-step development assistance with a dedicated production and distribution team;
  • No-fuss platform porting, QA, and localization packages;
  • Full marketing, PR, and media outreach campaigns;
  • Access to our growing network of selected gaming influencers;
  • Online presence, social media, and community management;

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